Lawyers specialising in employment law

Marco De Bellis & Partners offers its clients highly professional legal assistance, through the high level of professionalism, experience and continuous professional development of the firm’s employment lawyers.

The decision to concentrate the firm’s activities exclusively in the field of employment law has enabled the quality of the services offered to be enhanced and the client to be guaranteed a streamlined and responsive process.

Marco De Bellis & Partners has been providing legal assistance since 1987. Today, the firm boasts seven associate and partner lawyers, all of whom are experts in employment law.

Legal assistant in employment related disputes

With the help of its expert lawyers, Marco De Bellis & Partners is able to assist clients in a wide range of work-related disputes in which they may be involved. Our aim is to resolve the dispute with the best possible outcome and as quickly as possible, in order to ensure full customer satisfaction.

Fees are calculated based on the criteria provided for by Italian legal regulations and are therefore set with reference to the size and value of the case as well as the quality and quantity of the work undertaken.


Alongside  Marco De Bellis was born in Milan on 4th July 1957. After graduating from the State University of Milan, he embarked on his professional career in 1981 in the practice of lawyer  Salvatore Trifirò, dealing almost exclusively with employment law, with a particular focus on corporate affairs and employment relationship management.

In November 1987, he founded his own firm and continued to specialise in employment law.

He has been licensed to practise before the Supreme Court of Cassation since 1998 and in 2000 he founded

the professional organisation “Marco De Bellis & Partners”. Download CV 


Alongside  Mirella Morandi was born in Varese on 28th March 1981.

After graduating from the State University of Milan in October 2006, she began her professional career at an established law firm in Varese.

Alongside  Ms Morandi has worked for the “Marco De Bellis & Partners” firm since 2019, dealing mainly with employment law. Download CV 


Alongside Alessandro Baur was born in Voghera on 5th June 1986.

He graduated from the University of Pavia in September 2014. He then did his legal traineeship at a well-known international law firm.

Mr. Alessandro Baur has worked for the “Marco De Bellis & Partners” firm since August 2016, dealing mainly with employment law. Download CV 


Alongside  Barbara Passarini was born in Bollate (MI) on 21st July 1973.

She graduated from the State University of Milan, with a mark of 110/110 with honours and wrote her thesis on employment law. Alongside  Passarini began her professional career at an established law firm in Milan and has been working for Marco De Bellis & Partners since November 2001, dealing with employment law, with particular focus on management and corporate employment issues. Download CV 


Filippo De Bellis graduated with highest honors from the University of Milan in October 2021, with a dissertation in labor law entitled “Analysis of the discipline that regulates the executive employment relationship, with particular attention to the institution of termination”. Since April 2022, Dr. Filippo De Bellis has been practicing with the firm “Marco De Bellis & Partners”, where he mainly deals with employment law. 

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